Mobile E-Mail Marketing Tips

Digital marketing degree programs will discuss topics about mobile marketing.  With advances in technology, consumers are changing the way they do things.  And that includes check e-mails.  35% of adults currently own a smart phone and about 16% of e-mails are checked on them.  With statistics like these, marketers should make sure their e-mails are properly optimized so they can be read by smart phone users.  These few tips will help you make sure that smart phone users can read your e-mails.  They will help improve your mobile marketing and e-mail marketing strategy.

Tip #1:  Create a Mobile-Ready Site
Even if your website loads on a smart phone, it can be slow and frustrating.  Having a mobile-ready site will allow for faster loading and easier navigation.  Over half of mobile phone shoppers are more likely to buy from mobile specific sites and still most companies don't have one.

Tip #2:  Make Your Mobile Site Easy to Read
Smart phones have small screens so a site tailored to them should take this into consideration.  Most mobile users jump from page to page so make your content easy to digest.

Tip #3:  Important Things Should Be Bigger
There isn't much room on a small screen to capture a buyer's interest so make it perfectly clear what's important.  Bigger text and clear pictures do this very well.

Tip #4:  Use Social Media to Promote Your Mobile Site
The majority of mobile phone users are using Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites so integrate your marketing efforts onto these platforms.

Tip #5:  Use Analytics to Track Progress
This will help you keep track of how many users open your e-mails and click on your links.  You always want to measure your progress to see if you can improve your results.

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