Keyword Spinning

Keyword spinning is a very effective technique, often taught in digital marketing degree programs.  It involves rearranging the words in your title tags to be more SEO-efficient.

The first step is to use Google's Keyword Tool for some good keyword research.  After you have established which keywords you would like to target, take a look at your title tags.  Then, you reword your title tags (and anything else that applies) to match the new keywords.  You can also use Alexa to check your site's and your competition's traffic.  Use this data, along with yours and your competitions SERP's (Search Engine Results Page), to analyze how much you can expect traffic to improve.  Every month, compare your traffic with your competitors to see how you are improving.  You can keep spinning your keywords and building links to improve traffic.

Keyword spinning can be very effective if done right.  The key here is to continuously make improvements.  Small tweaks in your titles can have huge impacts on traffic.

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