Digital Marketing Degree Programs

Universities that have digital marketing degree programs:

  1. University of Michigan - Dearborn just recently launched a digital marketing degree program.  Since internet marketing is becoming a prominent way for businesses to reach and interact with consumers, U of M - Dearborn offers a degree that fits this need.  This degree is a Bachelor's degree and is the second of its kind.  You can checkout their Facebook page to get relevant updates with this degree.
  2. New York University offers a certificate in digital media marketing.  After taking seven classes, you can obtain this certificate for yourself.
  3. ie Business School offers a program they call the Master in Digital Marketing.  It is an intensive, 13-month long course that will get you on the fast track to success.
  4. Chandler University has a degree called Associate of Science: Degree in Digital Marketing.  It is an Associate's degree that requires 60 credit hours in total.
  5. The London School of Business and Finance has a Digital Marketing Communications degree.  The school is based in the U.K and this degree takes a full year to obtain.
  6. Full Sail, an online university, has a Master's program in digital marketing.  Topics covered here are advanced SEO, campaign development and web metrics.
Here is a review of the best degrees in digital marketing.  Be sure to check it out!