How To Stay Up-To-Date in Digital Marketing

The basic principles of digital marketing remain fairly constant, however the game changes quite frequently.  Because of this, you will need to keep yourself informed so that you can change your strategy to match what the search engines are looking for.  Here's a few good places to bookmark so you can refer back to them to catch up with any changes that have been made.

  • Matt Cutts is an associate at Google and provides some basic insight to how things are and where they are going.  It's always a good idea to listen to him speak.  He never gives away any exact information about Google's search algorithm, but he gives some clues and insight to what Google expects.
  • SEOmoz is a great site to check out.  They provide accurate information about what experts feel is most important in search marketing.  They give all the different factors they think are important and give an approximation for their significance in your search marketing campaign.   This is probably the best resource out there for digital marketers to use.  SEOmoz provides easy to understand information.  Everyone behind the site is an expert in their field.

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